Kringle, GCX, WTBC and more !

Today I am going to show you several ways to make money.

1: TBC/Kringle

The Billion Coin IS a cryptocurrency which was started in mid 2016 by Kris Kringle as he is now known. That is the name people refer to him as.

The purpose of The Billion Coin is to lift millions of people out of poverty and debt.

When TBC first started you could buy a full coin for around 0.0001btc. When I joined a little late to the party the price was then 20p (0.25c) a coin.

When you join a company at the beginning of it’s journey you learn a lot of new things including but not limited to… It’s growth, User adoption, Uptake and how the tbc coin owners (TBC’ians) behave.

As with any currency there were people who would buy cheap and then try to sell cheaper than they bought simply because they could not fulfil the vision so their answer was to sell for whatever they could get, They wanted to cut their losses and run, When they could not do this of course they had to call it a scam… right ? If only they had listened and followed guidance.

Oh how different things could have been for them!

TBC currently has over 3.5 MILLION registered users on the system. This is quite a feat for a company which is only 4 years old and still climbing!

Let me confirm to you what TBC is…

It is a Peer to peer transaction system with rules!

If you were lucky enough to buy 1 tbc at 20p in today’s economy you could easily sell part of your coin.. client pays you… only THEN do you release the coin.

The image is from Twitter as the source on the information.

TBC was built so as to fight the huge dips and spikes. Ever since it’s creating the TBC price has NEVER EVER gone down this is why many cannot comprehend it.. It breaks all the rules and they way you think crypto works.

The biggest problem with TBC is that people ‘forget’ how it works… it is peer to peer…. Yet most try to find a back door… Find a different way to ‘sell’ going against the grain for a quick buck…. In TBC the only way you make money is by SELLING, That said many people will claim to never to be able to sell once they acquire TBC… That is because sadly most people although have ears don’t listen to the way it SHOULD be done.

With all of that out of the way there is a process to be found and that process can be found here. It is what I call step 1. by clicking here you can being your journey.

Once you have signed up and created your profile go to and create a wallet. This costs a LIFETIME wallet fee of just $10! There is also a monthly fee varying from $25-$35 (PAt this EVERY month! ) which represents the maintenance of the site and enables commissions from referrals and other things too). Once you start to realise what TBC is… You will see how valuable this is!

Now… Moving on… People have in the past and still do to this day attempt to use external sites which claim to buy/sell/exchange TBC… I am yet to find one that is genuine and works for the long term.. Sadly such things fizzle out quite quickly.

Back to the point… TBC is a peer to peer network and with changes happening a lot as per any business.. You need to keep up and pay attention… You should consider TBC a full time business because if you do this it will pay you like a full time business and then some.

Once you click the link above follow the process.. You will see exactly what I mean.

Can anyone signup to TBC? Yes the can… I suggest anyone over the age of 18 simply because to be able to do certain things in the crypto world the general age of use is 18.

Click the link above and we can work together to help you be financially free.

2. GCX.

Firstly here is the link to join Global Crypto Exchange.

When you join you get a small amount of this coin for free!

Once subscribed you will want to buy just $100 of this using crypto. Why? This will give you 1 MILLION coins. When the coin reaches 0.1 You stand to make… How much ? and if is reaches $1 a coin on launch.. How much will you be sitting on? A rather tidy sum.. I’m sure you will agree! Feel free to join free. Get your free coins and have a look around the system, (Once your in let me know I’ll send you another program where you get $15 free and you simply make money with it !)

Buy…. Hold…. Wait… in 6 months or less the good things will come!

3. Wrapped Kringle

This is where the fun happens. If you have signed up to TBC congratulations! If you are from a crypto background you might be wondering… NOW WHAT ? What do I do ?

Well.. Here’s something you CAN do..

You can swap some TBC (Centralised owned by Admin of TBC) and turn it decentralised!

This has never been done before EVER!

If goes like this.

You send kringles (small amounts of tbc) 80000 (Around $100 kringles + a cash amount (£25) and in return you get what’s called WTBC. WTBC is ALREADY on the BINANCE smart chain! Now in 7 days or less a new exchange will tart to be built which will allow you to be able to transfer WTBC to ETH/BTC! This again has never ever been possible!

Once the exchange is built the coin will be listed and if the liquidity is right you will be able to sell some of the coins… I suggest no more than 10-20%. We don’t want to create a ‘pump and dump’ environment’.

The only issue is you need to be fast! We have until the 28th to convert as much as possible.

I will give you further information when you message me on FB. The reason your getting to see this article if because I have decided to share it with you… My close friends.. The world won’t necessarily understand the vision but I know you will !

Run with it. Be Fast. Tick tock. By the time you see this the timer is down more.


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