Are you in an MLM Company ? Are you an affiliate marketer ?

Hi, I’m William, I have been in and out of the MLM profession for over 15 years and I have learned a few things, I have made losses… I have had wins and I would like to see if I can help you on your journey.

Is that ok ?

The biggest problems I have observed over the years is Leads and Signups! I have seen companies go viral on social media then a short while alter they are no where to be seen. Why ? It might just be they spammed their business to death and the powers that be (The AI algorithm on free social media sites) decided to just shut them down.

I don’t want you to be shut down, I don’t want you to lose the business you have been trying to build for years for something so simple which could have been avoided.

Currently I am active in most work from home groups, I won’t reveal their names but what I will say is most groups just don’t have the power you need.


If a facebook group has 25000 members I can make an assumption than only 5% of people inside it are real and engage with said group. 5%! Maybe I’m bring too generous! If you go into groups do you see 1250 people engaging on posts? Unlikely.. Even huge marketers struggle to get their numbers up with PAID marketing but that’s a blog post for another day.

Point is: If you post in facebook groups without regular engagement ..To get engagement you need to post hourly for 3 months to even engage with 1% of the groups it is a ‘Numbers’ game. This you probably already know. Right ?

So what you need to do is to be different! You need to stand out! You need to be saying a different message compared to everyone else.

Maybe you have little money ? Maybe you don’t have a clue about paid ads… Sponsored posts all other ways to monetize your message ? Maybe you do.. I don’t want to assume one way or the other. You know what assumption leads to right ?

So what to do ? and more to the point what are you prepared to do that sets you apart ?

The Million Dollar Question!

How can you be different and get better results ?

In the summer of 2020 I was talking to my business partner (Barrie) You will hear about him in future posts.

See, Ever since I started in MLM I always had a niggle in my head.. Was there an easier way to get leads and sales? Did it exist ? If so what on earth was it ?

What if I said to you that we launched the products and 150+ people joined in a single month!

Crazy right ?

150 people… My part of the enterprise is talking to people who are struggling and offer them a better solution..


What do you suppose happened ? People started to leave.. They did not get results ‘fast’ enough. Sadly most people quit on their business before they even get going. It is saddening when people leave.. It is like people do not understand the efforts we go to in order to serve. With anything you do you MUST give it time to work and you must be willing to put a little bit of time in.. Time can replace money if you have none to promote your business. That said….

We are now on a large incline in traffic…

Allow me to explain the live project..

AKA The Beast (Home Based Business 4 U). IS a live working website which is linked to all the search engines for keywords (short and long). The aim of the project is to pick up keywords links to our seo efforts and link to our website. Our aim is to rank users of our website for the companies they work for. We wanted to be on the 1st page of google.

Problem: When you use a replicated website you CANNOT rank on the first page. It confuses the search engines because so many replicated pages with the same pages on with a cart added… Well… They don’t get ranked because google knows they are duplicated content and google… don’t like that very much. Look at the example below:

Example: hbb4u q sciences type that into google or bing.

Do you see what I see ? Here’s my screenshot..

48,700,000 searches. We are number 4 !!

So one of the companies we help people in is called Q Science and look where we are! Page 1 on Google and Bing! Each person’s search might be slightly different It’s always better to search incognito.

If we can rank on page 1 for Q Sciences can we ran for another company?

Let’s have a look…

15,100,000 searches. We have position 3 and 4 and 5 !!

That’s just 2 out of the 30+ companies (And growing!) Using our services to stand out from the crowd!

Why should you get ranked on Google ? Most people don’t know how to do this or WHY they should care to know how to do this.. The answer is very simple… You get ranked on the website and this mean you will get natural organic traffic.. Visitors… coming to your website and some will buy products and join your business. The more people to your page the more likelihood you will achieve conversion.

Am I saying this is easy ? No. Over the last 6 months we have spent a LOT of time learning from failure .. Learning what NOT to do so that we can get better at learning what we NEED to do and now ladies and gentlemen it is starting to get noticed.

The search engines are all over us.

I find it quite incredible as I sit here and write this… MILLIONS of people search for the keywords (as you can see in the images) and we are ranking right n the first page! We must be doing something right and we are far from done.

We still have o much more to do and much more to show you, This post is merely the first post. I will be writing more frequently and giving you more content to absorb and decide if this is for you.

This brings me onto the next question… Who is the Beast for ? Who will it help ?

It will help:

  • If you are fed up posting in social media groups and getting little results
  • If you are fed up trying to compete with others in your niche
  • If you are fed up getting poor results and you deserve better!

Click the link below. Pay for your first month. Get a free 30 minute consultation and we will hear from you soon.

William and Barrie

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