Over the last 24 months how many messages have you received about Bitcoin Trading all over facebook/ LinkedIn and other platforms ?

People claiming that if you invest $1000 you can make $5000+ in a matter of weeks? It’s all a big scam.

Too many people message me daily to tell me that as soon as they have paid the ‘fee’ for the ‘level’ they want they find out 5 minutes after paying that this person has blocked them! This is what THEY do…

The people behind such things never reveal their own faces… They use fake ID (If the send it at all!) then they sucker you in with unrealistic goals.

I thought about for a long time on how to actually help people make money with bitcoin..Sure you can buy and hold it yourself.. Anyone can do that right ?

I’ve been serving people for bitcoin orders for years ! Now it’s time to offer an additional service which..

Here’s the fun part…. is 100% Guaranteed to deliver!

If for any reason I do not deliver then you get an immediate refund.

Let me explain what I have devised and why it is failproof.

See, I have built up a list of buyers who come to me daily for bitcoin… People buy what they want…. £50/£75/£100/£200…. However much they want… Each person is different.

These buyers all pay a premium for my service…

So let’s say you join in my new addition to the tune of just £100 (Your return would be £110 TOTAL within 30 days)

I take the £100 and personally trade it.. which I can do between 4-8 x a day!

I am looking for 30 people ONLY who are ready to invest a minimum amount of £100.


  1. £100 Returns £110
  2. £150 Returns £165
  3. £200 Returns £220
  4. £250 Returns £275
  5. £500 Returns £550
  6. £600 returns £660
  7. £700 returns £770
  8. £800 returns £880
  9. £900 returns £990
  10. £1000 returns £1100

You can continually recycle once you have received your payment.

Low entry available right now.. Bigger amount will become available once 10 people have received their returns.


You MUST be in the UK as the ONLY payment I will accept is UK Faster Payments which is ONLY available in the UK.

I can either work individually on 30 people or 30 people all pay on one day and I run with it until the end of the month.

If for any reason I have not been able to deliver min 10% per person per order then I will send you ALL your money back!!

Win Win!

Who’s game?

Click here to submit your details. : Google Form