Are you in PAIN?

HTML: Author William OToole

HTML: By William OToole


I am a dad of 3 young boys…

15 months old.. 4 and 5..

They are hard work!

You know what it’s like I know you do…

The late night’s… The early mornings…

There are many great things we parents get to see..

Our child in their first panto…..

Their first after school club..

We are proud when the do the right thing..

When they act the right way…

We feel pride.. a great sense of pride that we are doing a good job.

There is one main thing that makes us feel sad…

That is when our children are in pain…

There is very little we can do to take away their pain…

Sure we can go to the doctors… get medicine…. make them comfortable…

But we can’t take away the pain they are going through can we?

Seeing them in bed… being sick….

They are in physical pain.. It’s one of the hardest things to go through as a parent…

That’s my opinion anyway your might be little bit different….

I don’t like taking pills and potions I feel it lowers my immune system and it might make medicines less effective…

If the kids need meds then they have it.. I won’t let them suffer anymore than they are already…

The question nearly every single parent want’s the answer to is..

‘What can I do to remove the pain’?

What if….

There was something you could do to help?

You would want to… I know I would and I do….

What if there was something that could help remove the pain until the doctor could ‘Fit you in in 4 days’

What if it helped ease your suffering and helped to take away the pain of your child…

Would you want to consider something new…

Which has been through testing…. Which has been FDA approved .. yes its all been tested…

What if this product could fit on the back of a postage stamp?

A strip that is gently fitted onto the skin and contains only using ancient herbs and fused with energy…

The idea is simple… You get a strip the size of a dvd cover and cut it to size…

The put it on your skin… and watch…it is best left for 48 hours if possible….

They Look this this…











Now parents reading this when your all achy in the morning (I know I am !) You can use the product too and you can even share it around..

I am willing to bet you know a lot of people who are suffering in pain with one thing of another…

Listen to these people here:

New Pain Relief..

All I can say is that you really need to have some of this in your medicine drawer… Have a look… it’s worth it…







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  1. Erika Mohssen-Beyk
    5 months ago

    Hi William ,
    for sure this powerstrips are less dangerous as any
    painkiller. especially for kids .
    before this we did not have another choice ,
    but now it is possible to use this for many aches
    and I heard they truly work .
    thank you

  2. Bruno Buergi
    5 months ago

    There are often other solutions than pills. I’m lucky for you that you find another solution to reduce the pain.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted…Why You Need A Home Business In These DaysMy Profile

  3. i am pleased it is helping so many others , very good idea x

  4. Merle
    5 months ago

    Love them William and don’t need my morphine tablets any more and as you say leave them on. I only need to change them every three days and they stay on after a shower.

  5. Jacs Henderson
    5 months ago

    I think everyone should have some in their medicine draw William! I have a natural collection of products, and am Loving these strips … I have used them successfully for headaches, sore foot aches from walking, back pain (like you) and severe abdominal pain. They just infuse goodness and relief.
    Jacs :)
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…What Is A SolarStrip? Available From FGXpressMy Profile

  6. Susan Cooper
    5 months ago

    How interesting. I have heard of these but I’ve not used them before. I think a power strip right now would be good for me after all the moving we’ve been doing… LOL.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Everyday Life Challenges: StoryMy Profile